Read a letter from our founders, Mike and Jeanie Langley.

“Since 2000, we have been privileged to live here at Kittyhawk Kigers on a ranch that has impacted many wonderful young people and a number of wonderful wild and rescued horses.  “Rescued”  seems to be the theme overall as the youth we have shared these horses with have often been hindered by physical, mental and especially emotionally debilitating  conditions . . . this would also characterize the state of a number  of the equines who have found a home with us.  Connecting  kids and horses for their mutual health and rehabilitation has been the goal and joyful outcome.

We have worked with Mike’s Hosea Youth Services  homeless youth, with physically handicapped and autistic children, and with a number of young teenage gals who have  shown up needing  greatly a means to either heal from serious emotional issues, or  to get away from acknowledged detrimental  pressures and lifestyles. Jeanie’s intuitions and love for these girls has lead to relationships of life-changing mentoring and discipleship.

There are so many stories of these  “connectings” but we will withhold them at this time for brevity’s sake.  If you would like to hear more, just contact us.  We’d love to share.  You ll likely laugh and cry.”

– Mike and Jeanie Langley