JUMP Program


JUMP (Join-Up Mentorship Program)

Wild Ones’ JUMP program (Join-Up Mentorship Program) provides the opportunity for younger youth (ages 10-14) and older teens and adults (ages 15 and up) to work with Christian mentors who model the attitude of serving God and others through our wonderful horses.

Here’s a short checklist of how to become involved with the JUMP program

Read through the program GUIDELINES


CONTACT your instructor about becoming involved


Read through the rest of this page for even more information on this amazing program!

The JUMP program is divided into tiers: Jr. JUMPers, Ranch Hands, Junior Wranglers, Wranglers, and Instructing Wranglers.

Jr. JUMPers (ages 7-10) is made up of younger riders who would eventually like to enroll in the program as Ranch Hands.  They are introduced to horse basics via weekly lessons.  They are invited to attend monthly meetings and other activities.

Ranch Hands (ages 10 and up) and Junior Wranglers (ages 12 and up) get hands-on experience with horses, a taste of farm life, and the opportunity to help out at camps, lessons, and other Wild Ones events. They attend monthly meetings and have weekly volunteer time. Last but not least, they have many chances to ride and have fun!

Older youth (ages 15 and up) and adults who love the Lord and can demonstrate good horsemanship are encouraged to join our Wrangler Program. Wranglers are the hands-on teachers and counselors of our ministry. They help mentor the Ranch Hands and Junior Wranglers while improving and fine-tuning their own horse skills and relationship with the Lord. The Wranglers’ hard work and passion for God and horses is a vital part of our summer camps and other events. Attaining the status of Wrangler is a privilege and carries with it the responsibility to be role models, not only for the Jr. JUMPers, Ranch Hands and Junior Wranglers, but for all who benefit from our ministry.They also attend monthly meetings and have weekly volunteer time.

 Wrangler, Junior Wrangler, and Ranch Hand applicants are expected to meet certain goals and criteria.  Please read through these guidelines and then contact us if your child is interested in accepting the commitment as well as the privileges that go along with this program.

The next step is to fill out a volunteer application and volunteer reference form.

Next, bring your completed forms to the ranch on any Friday to meet with the director and other staff for a brief tour of the facilities.

The participant will need to be enrolled in a session of Group Lessons to be eligible for invitation to the program.

Final acceptance into the program is based on staff approval. After acceptance, participants will be expected to attend regular meetings and to be available to help out at Wild Ones events.