Here at Wild Ones Youth Ranch, it is our desire that every child who dreams of interacting with horses, in any way, can have the opportunity to do just that, no matter his or her circumstance.

If your child, or a child you know comes from any of the following situations: foster care, abuse and/or neglect, physical, emotional, or mental disability, autism, homelessness, single-parent or low-income families, or if he or she is disadvantaged or at-risk in ANY way, we would love to help them enjoy our horses!

At this time, Wild Ones Youth Ranch offers scholarships* for summer camps and JUMP tuition only. We currently do not offer scholarships for riding lessons as our group lessons are already offered at a significantly reduced rate. The Dollar Days program is also available for those who wish to ride in a less formal setting. However, if finances are truly an issue, we will make sure your child is able to attend, no matter what.

*It is our desire that parents play a part in and claim responsibility for providing these opportunities for their children. For this reason we ask that parents pay a percentage of the total fee and do not offer full scholarships.  In order to use our resources to help as many children as possible, we encourage you to seek other means of financial assistance (help from family, friends, church, or social service organizations) before applying for a scholarship.

Due to the interest in our programs and availability of funding, we must also limit scholarships to one per family per year.  Also, if you apply for a scholarship you may only register for the one activity that scholarship covers (for example, you can cannot request a scholarship for a single day camp and then register for more day camps).  You can, however, register for a group of day camps (4 consecutive days only) as this counts as one event, and receive a scholarship, if eligible.  We will do all that we can to make sure your children are able to attend an event, no matter the circumstances.

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as we possible regarding available resources.


If you have been blessed and would like to see disadvantaged children and youth have the opportunity for a life-changing experience, consider donating a scholarship to Wild Ones Youth Ranch.  Please contact us  for more information.